5 Best Tourist Spots In The World

Until you visit another place, you will always think your country is the most beautiful place in the world. But there are many attractive places out there. The most famous tourist attractions in the world have their unique significance that pulls people from across the world to their domain.

There is no formula for becoming the world’s top tourist attraction. Some of the places are attractive by nature. If you are a tourist looking for new spots to visit, we have you covered. We have a list of five of the best tourist spots in the world. Check them below before you decide.

Kuala Lumpur

This is the first spot on our list. It is the capital city of Malaysia and it is among the best tourist destinations in the world. It acts as a tourist base for those touring the country. The modern skyline of this city is topped by the tallest twin buildings in the world. Another thing that this city is known for is the British colonial period landmarks. Most of the music and international sports are held in Kuala Lumpur – read article on kuala lumpur attractions for families.

Among the most visited spots in Malaysia are the Merdeka Square, Petaling Street, and Jamek Mosque. You will also want to visit this tourist attraction because of its lively nightlife. There are several international hotels and restaurants.

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

If you want to be among people who are visiting the trending tourist destination, consider visiting the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. This is a natural geothermal spring sunk into a basalt field. It is popular for its mineral-rich restorative waters.

However, if you intend to visit this place with children below two years of age, they are not allowed. So, if you are going to book, you need to be careful. And if allowed to visit this attraction with kids between two and eight years, ensure they put on arm floaties. All in all, this is a beautiful place to visit.


This is another one of the amazing tourist attractions that you should visit. The collection of celebrated stone monuments will capture your eyes. This iconic monument is among the celebrated figures of the United Kingdom. In 1982, Stonehenge was included in the UNESCO world cultural site list.


This is the largest city of Thailand and one of the top destinations for tourists. It acts as the central gateway for foreign tourists coming to Thailand. Apart from the attractions and rich culture of this city, you will love Bangkok’s nightlife.

Acropolis of Athens

If you are a Christian, you must have read this in the Bible. Greece existed during the times of Jesus. It is among the top destinations for tourists from across the world thanks to its history.


Anyone who enjoys traveling can tell you that there are beautiful places in the world where you can go to relax and unwind. Some of them have historical buildings that you can imagine. Take a break from your work this season and visit some of the places listed here.